06gplwvhfVHF 1/4 wave Ground Plane antennas are available for VHF Business, MURS and Marine Radio bands plus the 2 Meter and 220 MHz Ham bands.

We can also furnish custom ground plane antennas for any frequency above 87 MHz.





06gplwuhfUHF 1/4 wave Ground Plane Antennas

 Available for 70cm Ham, GMRS, LMRS or Business bands.






2 Element Modular Dipole for VHF 2 meter ham and MURS

Our VHF Modular Dipole can be used as an omni-directional dipole or as a directional 2 element beam antenna that provides up to 3 dBd gain!

Available for 2 Meter Ham, MURS, Marine, Weather or Railroad.

A great antenna for scanning or transmitting.








6mgrpbOur 6 Meter Rigid Dipole is a very portable center-fed 1/2 wave antenna that can be used vertically or as a horizontal antenna. This antenna can be easily and quickly set up and disassembled in the field. Covers the entire 6 meter amateur band, 50-54 MHz.





VHF Airband Base Antenna
The FM Broadcast Band Ground Plane  and VHF Airband Ground Plane base antennas have a 1/4 wave vertical element that can be tuned to any frequency within the 87-108 MHz FM or 108-136 MHz Airband ranges.


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