Now you can get the performance of a folded dipole without the expensive price tag. Our folded dipole scanner antenna provides a wider bandwidth than a standard dipole scanner antenna. They are a true 300 ohm antenna and, when combined with an outdoor 300-75 ohm transformer, they provide the best possible match to the popular 75 ohm coax cables. Our folded dipoles also provide the advantage of less unwanted noise and better reception of weaker signals and are extremely simple to install indoors or outdoors.

Choose your antenna from the following band segments or send us an email if you need a different range. Choose the 150-165 MHz version for general scanning in most US regions

Note: The antenna’s actual frequency coverage is larger than is specified in the ranges below. Some frequency bands listed below generally have little or no voice activity adjacent to the band.

  • 118-137 MHz VHF Aircraft and ATC Bands
  • 150-165 MHz Police/Fire/EMS, Railroad, Marine and Weather Bands
  • 220-225 MHz Business and Ham Bands
  • 300-325 MHz UHF Mil-Air
  • 325-350 MHz UHF Mil-Air
  • 400-420 MHz
  • 450-470 MHz Police/Fire/EMS
  • 765-775 MHz
  • 850-860 MHz Police/Fire/EMS


  • Aluminum Boom and Stainless Steel element hardware.
  • Stainless Spring Steel wire elements.
  • Plated Steel mounting hardware designed to clamp to masts up to 1 1/2″ in diameter.
  • Outdoor-rated Female Type F connector (standard cable TV connector)*
  • Assembly and Installation Instructions available online here.
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • No Tuning Required
  • Boom Length will vary depending on the frequency selected.
  • Minimum built-in stand-off : UHF = 1/4 wave, VHF = 1/8 wave
  • Overall antenna height will vary depending on frequency selected.

Fast, easy assembly!
Assembly wrench included.


*Uses 75 Ohm coax cable, we recommend RG11 or RG6. Grounding the coax cable at or near the receiver is recommended.

All Centerfire Scanner Dipoles are built to last with weather resistant materials and a rugged design.

One-Year Repair/Replacement warranty.

$45.95 – $59.95