Tunable VHF Antennas. 

1/4 Wave vertical element with 4 ground radials.

All stainless/aluminum construction
Tunable stainless steel vertical whip, with heavy duty base.
Four stainless spring steel 1/4 wave ground radials.  3/32″ in diameter.
Mounting bracket is fabricated from heavy duty aluminum and clamps to
masts from 7/8″ to 1.5″ in diameter or can bolt to a flat surface.

Quality weatherproof construction to provide years of use.
Can be used indoors or outdoors.
VSWR: <1.5 across 4 MHz
Uses 50 ohm coax with PL-259 connector. 100 watt.

Antenna Package Includes:

Your choice of:

  • 118-137 MHz Aircraft Band
  • 150-156 MHz (VHF MURS  DOT Frequencies & Business Band)
  • 144-148  MHz  (2 Meter Amateur Radio Band)
  • 220-225 MHz (1.25 Meter Band, 220 Mhz Business Band)
  • 156-162 MHz (Marine Band)
  • Can be ordered for any frequency between 118-850 MHz. (prices vary)

VHF Tunable 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna…$32.95 – $44.95 ea