Some comments we’ve received from our valued customers:

“EXCELLENT ANTENNA!!!!! I have it mounted in my attic-Works much better than expected. I enjoy scanning the band when there is a band opening-I get stations from all neighboring states. I’m Very Satisfied. Most local stations are full quieting 35-55 miles..” – FM Outdoor Dipole

“Aircraft transmissions very clear.” Folded Dipole Scanner Antenna 118-137 MHz

“A very cool device! Will make for easy set ups at air shows and auto racing. The only mod I did was to add wing nuts to make it a no tools easy-up.” – BNC Ground Plane Kit

“Definitely a big improvement over the dipole that came with the receiver. After mounting the antenna on a mast at the peek of my garage roof…. I went from getting 4 to 5 stations clearly to more than 15 and more on exceptional days.” FM Outdoor Dipole

“..antenna is well made, and nice engineering design, very broad band. excellent SWR and picks up weak signals well. Great little antenna” – Deluxe Discone

“Excellent reception, great for echolink, compact, very light, Easy mounting” – Deluxe Discone

“Very good, Out standing antenna ++++++++++++++++++++” – UHF 3 Element Yagi Beam

“Fast ship. nice antenna. Was able to use a repeater 25 miles away with a 1/4 watt.”  -Deluxe Discone

“Tunes up nicely but, further tests needed to see if gain is as good as stated.”   – 2 Meter Ground Plane

“Safe packing, SUPER FAST delivery! Great antenna for great price!”  -Deluxe Discone

“Looks like it will work well. Quality construction ! “  -Deluxe Discone

“The 2 meter antenna works very good. tested it with a 5 watt HT .. 25 miles+ contact.”  -2 Meter Three Element Yagi

“The antenna works fine and pulls in signals from up to 50 miles and maybe better”  – Deluxe Discone

“Great antenna, nice quality, easy to put together, low SWR reading. AAAA+++++++”  -2 Meter Three Element Yagi

“Works great. Been a Ham operater 13 years. Love the antenna. Thank you……”  – 2 Meter Ground Plane

“Fast shipping, Fantastic Antenna going to order another one. Thanks!”  – Deluxe Discone

“I’ve been pretty impressed by this antenna…..I’m getting ground frequencies at airports around 25 miles away. Local approach comes in crystal clear. Very nice performance, I’m really happy with this antenna. Definitely worth the money!”  -Airband Scanner Ground Plane

“I figured this would be a long shot for an antenna that excelled at the air band. After installing this in my attic and running RG6/u down to my GRE-500 scanner, I started picking up ground communications from an airport 17 miles away, I could pick up the controller as well as the aircraft. Airborne contacts were also very strong. So, I’m happy, much better than expected.”  -Airband Scanner Ground Plane

“Purchased this Centerfire Antenna and the SMA female to UHF female adapters along with the Baofeng UV-5RA dual mode radio to complete the package for hitting repeaters some distance from my home. This antenna rocks!”  -Deluxe Discone

Shipping was faster than promised and the antenna works great. Picking up TX from aircraft over 50 miles away and ground FQ’s that are not in line of sight! Very happy with the purchase, would buy from them again.”  -Airband Scanner Ground Plane

“This is by far the very best FM antenna you could buy! ”  -FM 87-108 MHz Dipole Antenna