04disconeDeluxe Discone Antenna for general purpose scanning. Receives the commonly used frequencies in the 150, 450 and 800 MHz bands. Can also be used to transmit on MURS or 2 Meter bands.


06gplwvhfVHF Special Purpose Ground Plane scanner antennas. We offer antennas for receiving specific bands such as VHF Aircraft, Marine, Railroad, Weather etc.



VHF / UHF Multi-band Ground Plane scanner antennas receive a wider range than our Discone antenna. This antenna is larger in size and will receive VHF from 87 – 300 MHz as well as UHF up to 850 MHz.

vhfuhf1VHF-Hi / UHF Multi-band Ground Plane is the little brother to our VHF/UHF Multi-band Ground Plane. It is used for receiving the commonly used frequencies in the 150,450 and 850 MHz bands without requiring as much physical space.


dipscanMulti-band Vertical Dipole scanner antenna will receive the commonly used public service frequencies between 150-850 MHz as well as FM radio and VHF Airband. It comes with an F connector to make installation fast and easy.


UHF Mutli-Band and HDTV antenna with type F connectorUHF-F Ground Plane scanner antenna is our newest scanner antenna. It’s designed exclusively for monitoring UHF frequencies (over 300 MHz). This antenna features an integral F-type connection and can be bolted directly to an interior or exterior wall. This is a great antenna for scanning or monitoring UHF security systems.

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