PLEASE NOTE:  We are experiencing a shortage of SO239 studs that are provided with these antennas. We hope to have more in stock by mid-October 2021. We can ship your antenna without the stud if you’d like to provide your own. Please contact us for pricing.

Special Purpose 1/4 wave Ground Plane antennas for scanner use.
Built just like our popular 2 way radio antennas.
NON-Tuneable, No tuning required!
Heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel. SO-239 Stud.
Can use 50 or 75 ohm coax cable,
with PL-259 (standard CB type) connector
Available for VHF Aircraft, Railroad, Police/Fire, Marine bands
108-118 MHz , 118-136 MHz, 136-155 MHz, 150-165 MHz

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