VHF 2 Element Beam

Assembles and disassembles quickly!

Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Available for:
144-148 MHz  Two Meter Ham Band
150-156 MHz  MURS

Boom is machined from solid PVC square barstock and aluminum.
Elements are 3/32″ stainless spring steel.

Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
Attaches to masts up to 1 1/2″ in diameter.
Can also be bolted to any flat surface.

Reflector Elements can be removed at any time to convert back to the standard dipole antenna.

Uses 50 ohm coax. Coax cable connects directly to the driven element.
Ring terminals and instructions are included
No special coax connector is needed, terminals and instructions are included.

This unique feature gives you the option of creating a short coax “pigtail” with the connector of your choice or eliminating the connection completely and attaching the coax directly between the driven elements and the radio.

2 Element Directional Beam SPECS:
Gain: up to 5.2 dBi  ( 3 dBd)
Power: 100 watts
Length: 24″
Height: 42″
SWR:  < 1.5 across 5 MHz. Can be tuned to <1.2 at any specific frequency
Front/Back Ratio: 8.5 dB
Beamwidth: 171 Degrees

2 Element Directional Beam Antenna Package includes:

  • Center-Fed Dipole Antenna, your choice or 2 Meter or MURS
  • Reflector Element Kit
  • Plated Steel Clamp assembly
  • Coax ring terminals
  • Tie Wrap
  • Element tuning & installation wrench
  • Installation instructions
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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VHF 2 Element Beam / Modular Dipole… $38.95 each


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