FM Long Range Dipole 1

One of our best sellers!

We designed this antenna in 2005 to be exclusively distributed by the FM DX Antenna company in Dallas, TX. This antenna was known then as the “FM DX Antenna Co Long Range Outdoor Vertical Reception Antenna 88-108 MHz”

The owner of FMDX Antenna Co has passed away and his business is now closed. He was a good friend to us and we will miss him.

Designed to bring in the weak signals on the 87-108 MHz FM broadcast band.
Rugged construction for outdoor use.
Elements are solid Aluminum and Stainless Spring Steel.
Boom is UV resistant plastic.
Over 5 1/2 feet tall!
Will withstand high winds better than hollow thin-wall aluminum tubing!
Low wind load, less than 1 sq. ft.
Mounts to masts up to 1 1/2″ diameter or bolts to a flat surface.
Can be hidden in the attic or a closet.

Uses 75 Ohm coax cable, RG11, RG6.
RG6 coax is available at any home improvement store.

Fast, easy assembly!

Assembly Instructions available online here.
Assembly wrench included.

FM Band Outdoor Dipole Antenna… $45.95