Centerfire VHF 3 Element Yagi Beam Antenna

VHF 3 Element Yagi  Beam Antenna

This page is under re-construction…

Some versions of this antenna have been discontinued.

Marine, Railroad and NOAA Weather Radio and 220 Mhz versions are still available.

3 Element Yagi Directional Antenna.
Heavy Duty Construction for  years of reliable use. This antenna can be used vertically or horizontally.
The non-metallic boom is machined from solid PVC square barstock and isolates all of the elements from the mounting pole or mast.
Element holders are machined from solid aluminum 3/8″ bar and are attached to the boom with stainless steel hardware.
All wire elements are 3/32″ stainless spring steel.

Plated steel mounting hardware provides a rock solid attachment to any pole of mast up to 1.5″ in outside diameter.

Your 50 or 75 ohm coax cable connects directly to the driven element. Ring terminals and instructions are included. No special coax connector is needed, terminals and instructions are included.

This unique feature gives you the option of creating a short coax “pigtail”  with the connector of your choice or eliminating the connection completely and attaching the coax directly between the driven elements and the radio.

NOTE: You can now order a 14″ pigtail connector already installed on your yagi/beam, the cost is $19.00. Additionally, an All-Weather 75 ohm transformer with F-Female connector is available to enable this antenna to use any TV coax cable for scanner use. Choose your option in the drop down menu below.

SPECS for all VHF models:

100 Watts max.
Gain: 6.3 dBi (4 dBd)
Front/Back Ratio: 13.6 dB
Beamwidth: 137 Degrees
(azimuth and elevation plots are at the bottom of this page)

Turning Radius (max):
Horizontal…..40″  Vertical…..33″

Antenna Package includes:

  • 3 Element Yagi Antenna
  • Clamp assembly
  • Coax ring terminals
  • Tie Wrap
  • Element tuning & installation wrench
  • Installation instructions

Pricing starts at $44.95 each.  Available by special order.

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