UHF Multi-Band and HDTV antenna with type F connector

UHF Multi-Band  Ground Plane Scanner Antenna with Type F Connector
400-1200 MHz Receive plus VHF 150-170 MHz
Can be used for local HDTV reception


This UHF antenna is designed specifically to receive the common UHF frequencies for today’s scanner radios. The new Centerfire UHF Multi-band ground plane antenna features a Type F coax connection that allows you to connect RG6 television coax directly to the antenna without the use of adaptors or transformers!

It’s constructed with the same quality materials as our other ground plane antennas and covered by the same Limited Lifetime Warranty. This indoor/outdoor antenna can be mounted outside on a pole or mount this antenna directly to a flat surface such as a wall!

This antenna will receive 400-1200 MHz analog or digital signals as well as the common VHF police, fire and NOAA weather broadcasts between 150 and 170 MHz. As an added bonus, you could use this antenna to receive your local HDTV broadcasts!*

  • Rugged All Weather aluminum and stainless steel construction.
  • All radials are 3/32″ Stainless Spring Steel.
  • Three vertical elements
  • 4 Ground Radial Elements
  • Can be mounted flat against a wall ** or on a pole.
  • Clamps to any mast from 7/8″ to 1 1/2″ in diameter
  • Overall height: Approx 30″
  • Plated steel mounting hardware and assembly instructions included.

Assembly is fast and easy. The antenna is almost fully assembled at the factory. You will simply need to attach the ground radials and attach your coax.

*This antenna can be used for local HDTV reception of over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts. This antenna is not intended to receive long-distance television signals. Results can vary due to distance and terrain.

** Centerfire provides the necessary hardware to install this antenna onto a mast or pole. You may need to provide adequate screws or bolts to install this antenna to a flat surface.

Starting at $34.95

NOTE: This is a Non-Stock Item and is available as a special order only. Please contact us for ordering details.

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